Full Service Delivery Applications

One of the best Delivery Application's on the market for IOS and android. Separate Native application for User, Merchant and Drivers.

Home deliveries of various products are becoming more common in many industries and have become part of our everyday lives. This makes things easier for us and getting things delivered to your door is almost a matter of course for many today.

We have been developing a product for home delivery for four years. It consists of three applications plus web page and admin page. A Customer App, a Store App and a Driver App, all three of which are connected to each other and the Administration Tool.

We have not only developed this system, but have also actively used the system in reality as a food delivery service. Therefore, we can know with certainty exactly what services are needed and that the product works in practice as well.

If you want to know more about our product, then you should contact us today for a conversation where we can hear more about your ideas and needs and what we can do for you.

This is how it works

It's never been easier


Customer App

Place your order

The customers browse for items and place the order in Customer App for Webpage.


Merchant App

Merchant receive the order

The merchant will approve the orders from Merchant Application and the signal will go out to the nearby Drivers.


Driver App

Driver receives order and deliver

The Freelance driver receive the order, accept it and get clear instructions where to pick up and deliver the order.

Delivery application for user

With several years of practical experience and customer experience, we have developed one of the market's best products for delivery applications.

  • Left Sidebar Menu

  • Choose a place

  • My Rewards

  • Home page

  • Categories

  • Top Brands

  • My Favorites

  • Place in order

  • Order Processing

  • Rider Assigned

  • Rider delivery

  • Search

  • Voucher Codes

Application for Merchant

A smartly designed app for merchants where you receive your orders, see sales statistics and control sales through your digital wallet.

  • Intro Page

  • Home

  • Deals

  • Wallet

  • Order History

  • Account Management

    Manage your business account through a business administration.

  • Product & Category

    Easily manage your categories and products

  • Statistic Reports

    Get a good overview with statistics and reports on your sales.

  • Sales Calendar

    Get a clear overview of each day's sales in the sales calendar.

    Application for Riders

    A well developed App where we, together with the drivers, have designed a product that is as easy to use as possible so that the drivers can focus on fast deliveries.

    • Home Page

    • Order History

    • Order

    • Wallet

    • Rider Workshift

    Buying a ready-made concept

    With several years of experience, we can deliver that complete concept for you who want to start a delivery service. We have the business model ready as well as the marketing strategy and marketing materials ready. We have jackets, delivery bags, POS units, flags and much more ready for you who want to get started quickly.

    • Delivery Bag

    • Delivery Jacket

    • J-Flag

    • Paper Bags

    • Customer Base

    • Restaurant Base

    • Established brand name

    • Graphic Profile

    • POS

    • HungryNow Song

    • Social Media Pages

    • Road Map

    Delivery Service is the fastest growing industry today

    Application in all countries

    Our product is applicable in all countries and also has language support for several languages.

    Right timing

    It is just the right time to work with deliveries. This has not least been proven during the Covid times.

    Proven working concept

    It has been proven several times how both small and billion-dollar companies have written success stories in the delivery industry.


    With our product, you can easily scale up your business and expand to more cities and countries.

    Can be use different industries

    Our product can be used in various industries, as well as restaurant delivery as well as flowers or medicine.

    Requested service

    Home delivery is and will remain a in-demand service that will only increase. We are by nature comfortable and wants to make things easier for himself.

    How about the trend of this industry ?

    It is a clear trend that shows how home delivery is becoming an increasingly common part of our everyday lives. Some countries are more established than others, but it is no secret that it is growing exponentially globally. What you then want to deliver is a local question. Restaurant food, grossery, flowers and medicine are just a few examples.

    After sales service

    Web / App Development

    We have experience and are happy o take futher care of the development and updates of your website and app.


    We know marketing and know exactly how to reach new and existing customers. We are happy to take care of your on going marketing.

    Advice or leadership role

    With many years experiences in the industry, we can help you as an advisor or with an overall active role.

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    Tell us about your ideas and how we can help you and we will return with a quote.

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